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Istockcv.comIt can sometimes be more difficult than people expect to find an ideal job upon graduation. Graduates have the education but often lack any practical experience, making it a challenge at times to find that first job.


Enter iStockcv, a social recruiting site which is focused entirely on the recent graduate segment. iStockcv has over 9,000 companies that it works with to find student jobs, graduate jobs and internships and it does this for free. The service works by allowing graduates to discover the real side of companies by discussing directly with the potential employer’s staff or with ex-employees to give them a real perspective of what it is like to work for the company. Graduates can also join interest groups which can help them to find the ideal company that they never knew existed. In Their Own Words

“iStockCV is a new kind of job site using social recruiting features that help graduates and young professionals up to 3-years experience searching for a job. Let’s say that iStockCV is halfway between job-boards like and social networks like Our purpose is to democratize the access to the job market, especially for entry level jobs. iStockCV aims to provide an easy access to the best new talents from any college and company around the world. It’s cheap, user-friendly and we ensure a high-quality database.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Allowing graduates to communicate with current and ex-employees before accepting or declining a job is a win-win for both company and graduate since it allows both to prescreen each other beforehand. Also the addition of interest groups can help graduates by allowing them to select what they are interested in and then finding companies that are related to that field.

Some Questions About

This is currently a European-based site, will they trying to crack the US market as well? Will companies see the value added in this type of service which is the first of its kind in Europe?

Author : Caroline Bright

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