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iSpyApp.comThere is more to the world of iPhone apps than the ones letting your bolster your productivity. A fair share of games do exist, and some are actually quite interesting since they take full advantage of the geotagging capabilities that define such mobile devices.


That is the case as far as the iSpy app is concerned. We can say it is an iPhone game whereby you can take a picture of any object and share it with your friends. Once you have done so, it is up to them to try and figure out where it is that the picture was taken. The first person who does so can prove he did it by taking a photograph of the object himself.

The idea is to let your friends explore the city and discover new spots they would know nothing about otherwise. And since iSpy is a game, you can see these players that are excelling by looking at the provided ranking. This is updated each and every Monday, and local, regional and national rankings are provided. In Their Own Words

“iSpy is a modern twist on the fun game we all played as a kid – “I spy with my little eye…”

iSpy players earn points (P’s) for participating in scavenger hunt style games created by the community. Each game contains a picture of an object you need to find in the real world. Solve the game by finding the object and snapping a picture of it. iSpy games are created by players like you! If you see something cool, share it with the iSpy community by creating a game of your own! The more games you play and create, the more P’s you get!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It stands as an entertaining way to learn more about the place you live in.

Some Questions About

How will the site evolve from this point onwards?

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