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ISpinner.comISpinner is one of these portals that have been created in order to let musicians promote who they are and what they do. The emphasis is on letting those artists who are unsigned gain exposure, but artists that already have a contract are welcome too.


The site lets fans create their very own profiles in order to start communicating with their heroes in the way that these social sites always do, connecting with each other directly and posting messages on their profile pages.

Of course, songs can be played online both by fans and by rival artists, and both individual compositions and the albums these cuts come from can be rated and ranked.

In final place, it is worth mentioning that the ISpinner site also has a radio in which the artists who are part of the network are showcased, along with Indie musicians. It is a nice addition, although it could frankly do with more options giving the listener the chance to choose the type of songs he wants to listen to. Adding some channels would be a good move. In Their Own Words

“iSpinner is a free service where bands and artists can promote their music, while connecting with their fans. Artists can setup a profile containing their biography, updates, photos, tour dates, music samples and more. Music lovers can create a free account to connect with their favorite artists, browse profiles, rate new songs, albums or simply connect with other fans. Unlike other music portals, iSpinner is also a radio station, featuring the latest indie and unsigned artists in its show. If you are a signed artist, don’t worry – we support signed artists too :)”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If you are just starting down the professional path and wish to give your career some momentum, signing up for as many social sites as you can is vital.

Some Questions About

What signed artists are currently featured on the network?

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