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ISleptThroughClass.comKeeping college life balanced is not really easy. In actuality, that is the fun of it – provided you don’t go too far in any direction.

Relaxation is a vital part of hard work, so that if you missed a class because you couldn’t make it since you were too knackered to get there in time, or if you made it there only to sleep through it then this site will come to the rescue.

In a nutshell, it stands as a portal where notes can be both downloaded and uploaded. The ones who use the site – the ones who do the hard work, IE the uploaders of contents – earn points for their contributions, and these can later be redeemed for prizes at stores such as Victoria’s Secret and Nike. A rewards catalog is likewise featured, so you can see what’s in store before signing up.

The site includes a list of the top 5 note posting schools, and you can see who the note taker of the month is anytime.

In finishing, the site lets students keep up with the demands of campus life, while those who have the skill and the time to come up with good notes can generate an income for submitting them. If either proposition appeals to you, head straight to In Their Own Words

“Download notes absolutely FREE!!! Once you’ve signed in, search your school by keyword or the entire network of notes…”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Resources aimed at students are known to attract more than a fair share of attraction, so that this one is halfway there.

Some Questions About

Which States are not supported yet? Which ones should be added as soon as possible?

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