– A Whole New Way To Create Music

IsleOfTune.comSites for the creation of music fall in one of two categories: those that are aimed at people who can actually play instruments, and those who are meant to be used by the ones that would fail to recognize a C chord if it hit them in the forehead.

Isle Of Tune is a new service that falls squarely in the second category. As curious (or even ludicrous as it might sound), users of this site will be able to create a musical composition by building a city up. As they say on the site, roadside elements are the instruments, and passing cars will become the players.

And it works.

Obviously, this is a site that scores heavily on the novelty stakes. As far as usability goes… it is entirely obvious that no renowned composer is going to ditch his guitar and pen and start using Isle Of Tune to get the job done. Isle of Tune is essentially an arbitrary creation system – great tunes and lousy tunes are generated at random. No true composer could rely on it. But as far as casual users go… In Their Own Words

A music sequencer for the modern colonial.

Why It Might Be A Killer

People are bound to test it out at least once, if only because it is so original.

Some Questions About

What could make people keep coming back to the site?