– Finding Parties & Venues Using Twitter

IsItBangus.comPutting Twitter to the service of people who stumble from one party to another is the name of the game as far as Is It Bangus is concerned. In essence, this site will let any frequent party goer know all about these events that are being held within his or her city, and act in consequence.

All that the user has to do is key in his location in order to be presented with a list detailing upcoming parties in the city he is based.

Alternatively, he can look at the “Recent catches” list that is always scrolling on the main page and see what events are around the corner like that.

Note that this site is also suitable when it comes to finding spots such as restaurants and related venues, so that if you want to impress your date and don’t know where to head to you can count on the site to make the right impression indeed. For further information, I advice you to follow the link which is provided below and see if you spot any interesting event in your close vicinity. In Their Own Words

“What’s good right now?”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those who are known to hit the town frequently will no doubt find some useful leads through it.

Some Questions About

How many events are added daily? When does the site peak?