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ISharedWhat.comI Shared What is the kind of site that people who object violently to Facebook use to try and convince others that the famed social network is the root of all evil. You see, what I Shared What does is to provide you with a complete overview of all the data that you have ended up revealing by using any Facebook application, or having logged into a site via Facebook Connect.

This is the kind of site that every young person ought to visit and use at least once – youngsters are just unaware of the risks that using some applications really entail. And (as disappointing as it sounds) I also know a couple of adults that this site would help. And I am sure you can tell a similar story. We all have a friend or two who could use a little reality check. And I Shared What is so easy to put into practice (you just log into Facebook to see all that you have shared) that it will be difficult not to convince someone to try it just once. In Their Own Words

What are you sharing?

Why It Might Be A Killer

It can open the eyes of many, many people who just authorize any old application to have access to their profiles without really thinking twice.

Some Questions About

Which other functionalities could be added to this service to make it sturdier?