– Practical Tool For Sharing URLs

IShareALink.comHave you had enough of pasting URLs in order to let other people have access to a site or page you discovered and liked? If that happens to be the case, it is likely that a visit to the IShareALink site will be an enticing prospect for you. The site has a self-explanatory title, really: it provides you with the resources and tools for sharing URLs by installing one of the provided buttons on your website or blog.

The site offers several means of integration, and the process is clearly set forth when it comes to different browsers. Currently, both Firefox and Safari are supported along with Internet Explorer. An “I Share A Link” button for WordPress is also featured, and it will no doubt be appreciated by all bloggers all out there.

Strangely enough, there is no support for Opera – let’s hope this issue is addressed sometime in the future, as it would enlarge the appeal this nifty little tool has, not to mention propel it further afield. In Their Own Words

“I share a link simplifies the process of sharing URLs on what ever bookmark tool used and helps you increasing the visibility of your site and its content.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a tool that could prove useful for webmasters and bloggers alike.

Some Questions About

Will Opera be supported in the future like the other browsers?