Who’s The Right Fit For Small Business? WordPress VS Light CMS

The need for a company website is evident for any business no matter how big or small. Sometimes it’s even a matter of survival. Starting a website can be difficult due to the wide array of factors you need to address. What are you able to afford? What site will get you the notice you need? Who the heck is really the best fit?


The fact is businesses can’t run from the online marketing world any longer. The benefits are too great, and the lost business could prove to be even bigger. In the online world, you can stretch your dollar to bring on clientele from all over the world and get yourself above the small local markets.


Businesses should evaluate where they stand first and foremost. In the first phases of the online marketing world WordPress seems to attract a huge crowd. Running at a low cost, WordPress affords the opportunities a huge group of developer support and a constantly changing platform to keep improving your site. There is strong security with eCommerce work that can have you profiting quickly while still keeping that low cost to have your site functioning.



But is WordPress good for business website development? WordPress stands above the other “Instant Website” pages by having a strong reputation from its users. It can help you stay away from the generic layouts that the instant guys offer, and give you that razzle dazzle that helps you stand out.

Light CMS

A contender to the WordPress empire is Light CMS which closes the gap between all the bells and whistles of WordPress and the costs of a budget website builder. The process for building your site can be done in a few taps of the mouse which can get you up and running quicker and save you time. Light CMS is different in its use of standardized code, many different tools, and the numerous capabilities with their free plan.


WordPress VS Light CMS

The two run similar in the use of the template and control panel to tweak your design for your page, however Light CMS saves you the headache of launching servers and the technical arrangements.

Light CMS does keep you limited with the number of pages allowed on your site with the free plan, whereas WordPress doesn’t confine you. The same limitless ability on Light CMS will run you a $69 fee each month. Also with Light CMS your only resource is the toolbox they give you, which though has many uses, doesn’t measure up with WordPress and the ability to use thousands of different plugins to really fine tune your page.



Light CMS is just that, the lighter side. For startups just out of the gate, it is probably the more practical approach to getting the business out there and in a stylish manner. For those with a little more wind in their sails, heading to WordPress for their first splash in the cyber frenzy might be a better fit. Knowing where the business stands, and the resources it really is able to use in creating and maintaining the site can help a business drastically. These two website wizards are just the guys to make the magic happen.

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