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Irynsoft.comIrynsoft offers a collaborative mobile multimedia platform that goes by the name of VIRT2GO. In general terms, this platform empowers users to visualize multimedia content and not only take notes but actually interact with others right on the spot.


That is, users of VIRT2GO can actively rate and discuss the content that they are seeing with others. All of this is accomplished via a rich smartphone interface that lets the user buy new educational content whenever he wants to dig deeper on any of the provided subjects, and full integration with Facebook is likewise provided. Interacting with your friends is made all the more immediate, then.

A service like this one is particularly suited to educational experiences, as institutions become able to provide an alternative approach to instruction, and one that fully adapts to the lifestyles and wallets of online learners. Above everything else, a platform like this one lets learners overcome the two main hurdles in their path: finding the time to sit down and study, and finding an approach that will actually let them pick the knowledge up. In Their Own Words

“What if online learning combined the convenience of your smartphone with the browsing experience of Netflix and all your Facebook friends could join you? Irynsoft offers VIRT2GO, an interactive mobile learning experience where you watch lessons and collaborate among a virtual campus of peers from around the world–all within a rich smartphone interface.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Theoretically-speaking, any institution that implements VIRT2GO could enhance the retention of existing enrolled students at the same time that it taps into the world of DIYers by serving them content that is perfectly suited to what they want to learn, in a setting that is flexible by definition (IE, a mobile setting).

Some Questions About

Are all smartphones equally supported?

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