– The Short Word Thesaurus argue that the proliferation of text-messaging and services like Twitter that have strict character restrictions are dumbing-down the English language. Whether language is getting dumber or not, there is definitely an increasing need for shorter words that allow people to say everything on their mind in under 140-characters.

This is where Thsrs steps in, by providing the world with a simple to use thesaurus that always gives you results that are shorter than the original word you enter into their search bar. The next time you are struggling to fit a message into 140 characters, simply go to Thsrs and enter the long words that you are having trouble shortening and Thsrs will give you the solution. In Their Own Words

“If only there were a service that helps with the struggle of rewriting a 146-letter message to fit in a 140 character limit. Well now there is: Thsrs, the thesaurus that only gives you synonyms shorter than the word you’re looking up. Just enter one of the longer words in your message, and Thsrs will suggest shorter words to use instead.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It can sometimes be a real challenge to fit everything you want to say into a short message and being able to find short synonyms is a handy little tool that people will appreciate.

Some Questions About

This would be even more useful if it were made available as an embeddable widget. Are there plans in place to develop this type of functionality?