Shopitize Is Revolutionizing Our Shopping Experience. Co-Founder Irina Pafomova Explains Why


Startups just keep getting smarter and smarter, and consumers are happily reaping the benefits. UK-based Shopitize is one such smarty pants startup that’s seriously revolutionizing our shopping experience. How, you may ask? Well, read on my curious friend.

Shop, Snap, Save

Here’s the scenerio: You just went shopping and have a long receipt of your favorite items and brands. When you snap a pic of the receipt, Shopitize recognizes, categorizes and processes the receipt. The platform then analyses the data and creates smart, personalized shopping lists relevant to your shopping habits and needs, and also sends great offers and deals straight to your phone.



Shopitize is based on the four R’s: Receipts, Reports, Reminders and Rewards. The goal? To save consumers time, money and hassle.


Boom. I told you it was a smart startup.


Disrupting Our Shopping World

Co-founder Irina Pafomova sat down with The Next Woman‘s Beth Pitts to talk Shopitize’s inception and disrupting the market. Here are some of the trep take-aways:


On building the perfect team

Irina says there are several key qualities she looks for when building the perfect Shopitize team. First, she looks for people similar to herself and her co-founders Alan Griffiths, and Dr. Alexey Andriyanenk–only smarter and better in their respective fields.




Drive, enthusiasm and an entrepreneurial approach are also key qualities. Irina says each team member should share the same vision for the company and genuinely want to grow and be a part of Shopitize’s success.


The ability to listen, creativity and flexibility are also high on the priority list. Oh yes, and humor is also a must.


On what makes Shopitize so killer

Irina believes Shopitize is bringing a whole new perspective to the shopping world that no company has managed to create yet. The platform allows users to control what data from their shopping is analyzed, and benefit from more relevant offers. It’s also making target marketing easier for brands.





On why entrepreneurship is so important

Irina was a former investment banker but says startups have the potential to teach you more varied skills. She believes that bright college grads should be encouraged more to pursue entrepreneurship. She hopes to give that opportunity to interns that may someday build a company of their own.


Shopitize is set to disrupt the shopping world –  first in the UK, and then a global roll-out to follow (a cool $1m in first round funding should help!) If you’re looking to have a free personal shopper in your pocket, definitely check out this super smart platform and start enjoying the sweet shopping benefits.


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