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IPTV Recipes – A new, cool, premium 2.0 social network

It’s the world’s first premium Web destination for home cooks, food enthusiasts and food industry professionals. Even as a beta site, IPTV Recipes has appealing form and great function.


It sets the standard for vertical social networks with its beautiful magazine-like interface and quality features.

IPTV Recipes In Their Own Words

“IPTV Recipes has everything cooks can possibly desire in an online cooking community: completely free services, 100% user generated content, superior form with sophisticated 2.0 technologies, video upload capability of up to 1GB in file size and much more.”

Why IPTV Recipes It Might Be A Killer

Members get to explore their passion for food through IPTV Recipes’ first class features and services; and with the added benefit of being IPTV-ready, the ability to broadcast cooking videos to home televisions around the world, IPTV Recipes gives cooking channel a whole new meaning!

Author : Jason Taylor

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