IPSOJOBS.com – Find Work In A Hurry

IPSOJOBS.comNeed to find a job post-haste, or looking to find an employee with similar urgency? It doesn’t always work to browse traditional job boards like Monster when time is of the essence. For this reason, IPSOJOBS provides a job board strictly for immediate job openings, many of which are therefore temp or on-call positions.

You don’t need to sign up to use IPSOJOBS, either to post a position or to search/apply for one. Simple peruse the IPSOJOBS listsing by city (cities in bold have current openings, and the number in the parentheses tell you how many job vacancies there are at a given moment). IPSOJOBS is based in Spain, but allows employers to post positions from all over the world. When you find a position for which you wish to apply, you’ll do it off-site; every employer is required to provide the relevant contact and application details.

IPSOJOBS.com In Their Own Words

“Ipsojobs is a free job bank focused on urgent employment”

Why IPSOJOBS.com It Might Be A Killer

IPSOJOBS’s functionality is in-line with its aims; the site is easy and efficient to use. Uncomplicated by advanced search options (as they are most likely unnecessary for urgent job searches), this site expedites the job hunt by cutting a lot of the red tape for you.

Some Questions About IPSOJOBS.com

IPSOJOBS’s postings are largely in Spain; how does the site plan on getting more international postings? It’s odd that there are no job postings in London, but there are literally dozens in small Spanish towns. IPSOJOBS.com