iPoste.org – Online classifieds with videos

iPoste.orgiPoste.org aims to be a classifieds board for US cities, offering listings for jobs, services, buying and selling, and RSS news feeds for certain topics related to the location.

The site lets you choose a location, and then if you want to you can pick a topic, such as dogs or fishing, and then just explore what has been posted so far. The idea ithat sets iPoste apart is that the site lets people post videos and photos. Right now the site is still in development and you’ll see more photos then videos, but there is a lot of potential if the site catches on. Imagine, you are interested in adopting a puppy, and you see a video of it romping in a field. That’s much more convincing than a still photo or just a written description!

iPoste.org In Their Own Words

Welcome to iPoste! Afree,interactive and comprehensiveresourcefor connecting you to your community through text, photos and videos.You’re justtwo clicksaway fromvideo-enabled News Feeds, Classified Ads, Calendars, Job Postings, a Community Directory and a Forumfor new friends who share your interests. No registration required. Simplyclickon your Interest and City or ZIPand instantly, you will be connected to your iPoste Community.

Why iPoste.org It Might Be A Killer

iPoste has the right idea by taking advantage of the online video revolution. It’s also good that they are a multi-purpose classifieds, offering news, message boards, job listings, and items for sale all in one place.

Some Questions About iPoste.org

Already Craig’s List has dominated the classifieds scene, so it’s just a question of iPosts getting the word out to web users about the benefits of using its services. iPoste.org