Ipond.com – Find Out What’s In Everyone’s Email


Ipond.comEver use that handy email-this story-function? Grouptivity, the company that succeeded in providing a platform for users to email articles and interests has figured out what to do with all those emails. With its new site iPond.

com, Grouptivity wants you to know what’s hot in the email world. iPond takes all your emailed content and converts them into bookmarks letting you and others in on what’s being talked about on the web. Personal info, of course, is kept private. iPond has several social networking features. The dashboard lets you organize and track all your emailed content as well as your social bookmarks. Community access lets you share your emails with friends and invites you to discuss them in private or public forums. The most fun, of course is the tantalizing prospect of discovering just what exactly people are emailing these days. iPond.com is especially useful for publishers who want higher traffic and word of mouth referrals.

Ipond.com In Their Own Words

“Want to know what people are emailing and discussing online? IPond reveals, in real time, all the emailed content from our publisher network including stories, articles, videos, and news. So you get the true pulse of what’s being shared and discussed online!”

Why Ipond.com It Might Be A Killer

The thought of reading each others email content is tempting. iPond gives a look into the collective hive mind offering reader a chance to see what is really being discussed on the web. It certainly taps into an untouched market and might have a chance simply based on the fact that it’s a new way to get your news.

Some Questions About Ipond.com

It may be fun to read other people’s emails, but would users really be comfortable sharing their emailed content with the entire internets? Competing with established sites like digg.com may prove difficult and is it really necessary to have gauge popularity in such a passive manner? Ipond.com