iPhonus.com – Sukoku Applications, Apple Products, etc.

iPhonus.comAlthough not affiliated with Apple Inc, iPhonus does work in conjunction with them by offering products and games that complement your iPhone and Apple products. The website has a link to the iPhonus store where you can buy iPods, earphones, speakers, music and many other products.

There is also a featured game section to iPhonus, which currently only features a very popular version of Sudoku that you can purchase for under $15. The homepage itself features the latest iPhonus news, ad-free applications, the top 5 Tournament Sudoku Players and features of the iPhonus store.

Why iPhonus.com It Might Be A Killer

If you buy an iPod Touch in their store, iPhonus gives you the bonus of full access to the Sudoku application. And if you´re one of the obcessed fans of the popular number game, iPhonus´s version seems pretty advanced. The website, however, is a bit all over the place and would benefit from an About page to tell the readers exactly what is offered by iPhonus.

Some Questions About iPhonus.com

Can an About page be added as a tab to express what iPhonus is selling? How does this Sudoku game compare with other apps of the same content? iPhonus.com