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Iphone-Analytics.deThe suitably-titled myAnalytics is the fastest way to have Google analytics on your iPhone. Using this solution you will have immediate access to your Google analytics profile using an iPhone, and see how many visits has your website or websites attracted.


All you need in order to use this solution is a Google Analytics account. The features at play are enumerated online, and in addition to displaying Google Analytics Dashboard statistics for all existing profiles these include charts that showcase the last month and year visits, as well as enabling you to select specific date ranges for statistics. These include parameters like “last day”, “last week” and so forth.

Make sure to point your browser to the website if you want further information. Screenshots are featured online under the corresponding heading, and information on pricing and related issues is also prominently featured. In Their Own Words

“MyAnalytics gives you a quick overview over all your Google Analytics profiles. See how many people have visited your websites at one glance. All you need is an active Google Analytics account.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a practical solution that fits modern needs like a velvet globe.

Some Questions About

How often will this solution be updated? Which features are going to be implemented later on?

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