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iPadPig.comIn spite of the polarized reactions it has elicited, Apple’s iPad is set to keep on dominating conversations for some time yet. That is all the more true now that the release date is drawing nearer and nearer, and people debate over whether to get one or whether they don’t need a bigger iPhone that they can’t get in their pockets.

And no matter which side of the argument you are on, a site like iPad Pig is bound to be worth a try.

In essence, it is an aggregator of news and stories concerning the upcoming tablet. These are arranged in different categories such as “iPad Applications” and “iPad Accessories”.

Besides, a forum is featured. I think that I didn’t actually have to tell you that – a site devoted to something which has proven to be so controversial ever since it was announced couldn’t do without one.

At the end of the day, you will either give the iPad a wide berth or you might rush to get one. This website has enough information to ensure that whichever choice you make is a well-grounded one.

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“Gobblin’ up iPad Stories.”

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If you are looking into having a concise overview of all things iPdad, this will do.

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