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IonWirelessAirMouse.comHow cool would it be if you could control your big screen computer or your Internet TV while moving all around your room? That’s the kind of thing we used to see on sci-fi movies when we were kids. But the wireless industry moves faster than lightning, and Bellco Ventures has become the first company to release a wireless air mouse glove.


It’s named the “ION Wireless Air Mouse Glove”, and it works on all computers. There’s no software to install, all you must do is to plug in the USB module that comes with the glove into the relevant socket and that will be it. Your hand is becoming the mouse, and you’ll get to do all the things you’d do when sitting in front of your desktop from any point of your room. You’ll get to play games, surf the Internet, work with your favorite applications… and in all cases, everything’s going to feel completely natural. The first couple of minutes might be a bit confusing, but after a while you couldn’t ask for anything more intuitive.

The ION Wireless Air Mouse Glove costs $79.95, and it’s available both in black and gray. All orders are shipped for free. In Their Own Words

Bellco Ventures has just released the very first Wireless Air Mouse glove.

Some Questions About

What if you want a glove in a different color? Is there a way to arrange that?

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