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iOnRoad.comAvailable for Android, iOnRoad is an app that you can use to lower the risks of running into other vehicles when you’re driving down the road. iOnRoad is a real-time collision detection app that works by combining a day/night machine vision with sensor fusion. This lets you know about the time gap and collision potential with any other vehicle when you’re driving. And the app itself can deliver not only visual notifications but also audio warnings, so that you don’t have to take your eyes off the road for a single second. In fact, iOnRoad can even read out loud all the text messages that you receive while you’re behind the wheel.


And iOnRoad can also rate your driving skills, and suggest you ways in which to become a better driver. The idea is to let you hone your skills, without ever having to go to a private instructor or anything like that.

The iOnRoad application is free for a limited time (IE, while the service remains in beta). You can download it by following this link. Is there a better app to get at this time of year, when the roads are freezing over, and that end of year celebrations are just around the corner, I ask you? In Their Own Words

iOnRoad delivers a visual radar by combining realtime day/night machine vision with sensor fusion. iOnRoad then calculates the time gap and collision potential with other vehicles and warns of high risk events.

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What about adding an option to have music slowed down when you’re driving too fast, just like Slowdown does?

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