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Intype.infoIf you write code for software programs or web sites, Intype may be a new useful application tool for you. Intype is a code editor for Microsoft Windows that claims to have an intuitive and easy to use interface that makes web development easy, using JavaScript for commands.

The product is still in development, but the current alpha release is available for download and features such things as tabs, multi-Selections, Rectangular Selections, multi-snippets, multi-inserts, find and replace, clipboard history, etc. It will cost between $25 and $45 with a 30 day free trial period. The site is fairly easy to navigate, but lacks a good description of its product or its features without doing some digging. In Their Own Words

“Intype is a powerful and intuitive code editor for Windows with lightning fast response. It is easily extensible and customizable, thanks in part to its support for scripting and native plug-ins.It makes development in any programming or scripting language quick and easy.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Apparently, editing code is not always an easy or simple process…which is why this product was made. Created by those who live in the programming world, the program is meant to help those write code.

Some Questions About

How has the testing of the product been going? What has the feedback been? Will people pay to purchase this product or are there comparable free alternatives available?