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Introniche.comIf you are looking at a way of increasing your marketing reach without having to spend a dime then a cross-promotion solution, like the one offered by IntroNiche, could be just what the doctor ordered. “What is cross-promotion marketing” you ask? It could also be defined as barter marketing, co-operative marketing or joint venture marketing.


Interniche allows you to create an ad and post it in the category of your choice. The purpose of the ad is to find other companies that also pitch to the same niche market and allow you to exchange your distribution channels for theirs. A win-win situation whereby both companies are able to increase their brand exposure without having to loosen their purse strings. In Their Own Words

“Cross-promotion means you promote Mr. Jones if Mr. Jones promotes you in return.
It’s very credible marketing. It helps to reduce your overall marketing cost.
IntroNiche helps you find complementary partners open for cross-promotion deals.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Introniche offers a free and innovative way for you to increase your brand exposure within your target audience. There is a huge potential market for this service in a day and age where advertising has become the business model of the vast majority.

Some Questions About

Interestingly enough, IntroNiche’s business model is not readily apparent. While cross-marketing is a good way of increasing exposure, at some point, someone will have to put up the dollars for this site to continue.

Author : Caroline Bright

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