Introducing Jobamax: A New Way to Recruit Young Talent

The job market is becoming increasingly competitive and fragmented for young people, particularly for Gen Z as they begin to graduate from university and join the labor force. Not only are young job seekers disoriented and left stranded among hundreds of online job search platforms, but recruiters are overwhelmed as well by the sheer number of applicants for a given position. In the current job ecosystem, young talent and recruiters alike are bombarded with so much noise that they frequently miss out on their perfect match.

What if there was a simpler, more thoughtful way to connect Gen Z job seekers and recruiters? That’s exactly the question Jobamax wants to answer. With the first AI-powered professional networking and recruiting platform for students, Jobamax connects recruiters directly with young talent ages 18-26 with an intuitive swipe-to-recruit system. The platform delivers a remarkable recruiting experience leveraging the tools and communication preferences of Gen Z, while helping Gen Z secure their dream career or internship.

Here are just a few features users get when they job search or recruit with Jobamax:

For Young Talent:

Showcase your personal brand with a profile displaying your professional skills and experiences. Record video and voice clips to answer recruiter questions and let your personality shine.

Build your network with Jobamax’s nationwide marketplace of employers and young job seekers. Network with other young professionals in our audio/chat rooms based on shared interests and industries.

Apply quickly and efficiently with an AI-generated selection of company profiles that perfectly match your experience and expectations. Free up your time to prepare for interviews and land your ideal job or internship.

Track your job applications in real-time with Jobamax’s swiping functionality. Our no-ghost rule means you’ll get a response 100% of the time for more efficiency and transparency.

Explore educational content within the Jobamax Club section. Access online training masterclasses to broaden your professional skill set and improve your resume to land your dream job.

For Recruiters:

Showcase your brand with a profile complete with photos of your company, your team and your products. This is a great spotlight for the company’s brand while providing greater visibility of your products to a wider audience.

Access relevant profiles thanks to Jobamax’s AI-based algorithm designed to make it easier for you to find the perfect match without compromising the quality of applicants or the relevance of your search results.

Swipe to recruit with a unique swipe function that matches you to talent that meets your job position’s criteria. Receive candidate suggestions via our algorithm as well.

Hear them out by requesting candidates to answer a question of your choice vocally. Candidates can showcase their charisma and enthusiasm while remaining anonymous (name, gender and picture) until you both swipe right.

Source the Jobamax database to reach the right person with an intelligent filtering functionality. Once you find a relevant profile, just swipe and you will appear directly in their DMs.

Interested? Jobamax is now in Beta and is available for download on the iOS app store. They currently have over 30,000 jobs, networking features and e-learning experiences, all for free. Visit to learn more and get started.

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