Intro Maker – Boost Online Branding With Animated Logo Videos

Over one billion. By the count at Internet Live Stats, that’s how many websites exist today. Grabbing and keeping someone’s attention with so many shiny pages to look at… Yeah, it’s a huge challenge.


One way to set yourself apart is to set things in motion on your static pages. How so? Well, Intro Maker is a new service for creating logo animations. It’s an easy-to-use tool for adding a video intro to your business – for websites, presentations, events, YouTube channels and wherever else you can think to jazz up your online presence.


Designs cost as little as $5-$20. Using the Intro Maker system to build your video is free!

The process for animating your logo is quick and painless. You choose a video design from Intro Maker’s catalog. You add your logo, then answer a couple of straightforward quality-control questions to make sure that your logo looks good. Then you download your animated logo video intro. That’s it.


With hardly any effort at all, Intro Maker can give your business a more lively, sophisticated, more professional appearance. If you like, the startup will also work with you to design a logo or to produce custom videos, both intro and full length. Regardless if the template designs or premium services are right for your business, you get to add special effects without needing an inside connection at Industrial Light & Magic.


Too much movement on a web page can distract the eye. Guests may or may not want to watch an explainer video (which can be another costly investment). Intro Maker, on the other hand, gives you a tastefully brief means to make your brand stick out.


A logo is a key part of any company’s branding. Have you considered boosting your image with logo animation, or thought that it was way beyond your budget? Check out how you can create a winning video intro (affordably!) using your logo, at


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Intro Maker | Antonio Guillem/Shutterstock