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Badabing, Intraboom: The Hit Is Out On Lousy Communication

Slack for internal communication, email to communicate with clients, Drive and Dropbox to share files, Google calendar… Sound familiar? Does using 20 different tools for 20 different functions pretty much sum up standard operating procedure for your business?


Not that there is anything wrong with any of these tools. Businesses have an unbelievable number of great tools online to help them get work done, and each company has different needs. Continue adding to the mix of tools in play, however, and it doesn’t take long before you need a personal guide to navigate through all the resources in use.


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It begins to take longer than necessary to complete simple tasks. Keeping work across projects straight will drive everyone insane.


The solution to tool overload and frayed communication is to have an all-in-one communication and collaboration platform. Many have tried to build this, of course, but almost all dissatisfy for a variety of reasons – expense, burdensome complexity, components missing, etc.


Intraboom looks to dispatch the competition by offering a single tool for taking care of business that is still simple enough to use that it keeps the workplace humming efficiently.


Here’s how Intraboom works. Create a group and invite team members. And you’re good to go.


Within the group, you can message one another easily (through texts, bulletins, discussions, chats, etc.) You can share files, refer to a calendar, knock out tasks. Everyone stays on the same page, because everything is done within the group (and in the cloud). Each group member has a simple, clear dashboard to keep the activity visible in all the groups to which they belong.



Need to work with clients? Intraboom handles clients the same way it does team members, within a group – so important messages aren’t buried in an email thread that God knows who received in the first place.


Want a water cooler where employees can chat away and build company culture? That’s part of the intranet as well. Basically, Intraboom takes an anything you can do simpler and more efficiently and all in-one-location approach.


Some more good news: you don’t need to hire an accountant and strategist to figure out how many team members you’ll need to sign up or how many projects you’ll need supported. Intraboom charges a flat fee per company, allowing unlimited users and projects (there are additional fees for higher volumes of texts or disk space, but the standard monthly subscription fee is the same for everyone.)


So, if you’re hungry for a comprehensive platform for all of your business needs that won’t cost you months of productivity for retraining staff and implementing new practices, and that handles collaboration and communication with refreshing simplicity, head on over to


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Author : Keith Liles

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