– Reaching For Outer Space

IntoSpace.orgYou have to give the IntoSpace folks credit for coming up with an idea like the one they have dreamed up. In general terms, through the site you will be able to send your photograph and logotype into outer space aboard a ship that is bound to lift off in the year 2010.

This collection of pictures is what the IntoSpace people term “the catalog”, and it will consist of 300 “rockets” (that is, sheets) that will carry about 1,000 “astronauts” each. A seat that amounts to 25 x 40 cm. can be booked for as low as US$ 2. Minimal placement of a photo is 1 seat, whereas logotype placement amounts to 3 seats at least.

Payment is handled via the web commerce company PayPal, and there are discounts available for those who book 20 seats or more. There is also a “Free flight” contest that will let the winner occupy a free seat on the first rocket that is launched. Moreover, bloggers can go into space for free if they tell their readers about the project. In Their Own Words

“This project is about compiling a catalog of photos and logotypes to be sent into outer space aboard a space vehicle.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

There are people who go for this kind of thing, if only because of the novelty value.

Some Questions About

Will further rockets be released after 2010?