– For People Who Are In Recovery

InTheRooms.comA community resource that has a truly commendable purpose, In The Rooms is a networking site that is devoted to people who are on the road to recovery and battling their way out of addictions.

The site lets these individuals interact with loved ones and also get to know the personal stories of others that are in a similar (or the same) position.

That is particularly useful from the point of view of recovery. Realizing that what has happened to one could happen to anybody, and that it has happened to others as a matter of fact provides a person who is recovering with the knowledge that it is all in human nature. That is, the individual realizes that there is nothing wrong with him, and that he has merely gone through something negative that has happened to others as well.

The site also makes for creating and joining groups, and in every case the degree of privacy can be set down at will. As a result, seeking professional and personal help can be kept as open or private as the user actually wishes. In Their Own Words

“A global recovery community.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site offers those who need support a ready chance to connect with the ones who can provide it.

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