– Online Fabric Store

Started as a retail store in 1977 in Washington by Sharon Evans and ran as a family business, In The Beginning was to eventually become one of the largest fabric shops in the US. The company is currently run by Jason Evans (Sharon’s son), and today it focuses solely on the creation of innovative cotton fabrics, and it produces between 12 and 15 collections per year. And you can see them in full detail on the company’s website,

The site includes fabric galleries with every design that the company has created, and that is currently up for sale. You can buy anything you want straight on the site, and it will be shipped the next business day. And you can also find the closest stores that carry In The Beginning’s products, and head down there to see the fabrics in person.

Plus, those of you who want to know more about how fabrics are made (and how they could be used) can buy any of the books that are sold on the site. A good couple of them have been written by Sharon and Jason Evans, and they have titles such as “The Best of Floral Bouquet Quilts” and “Quilts of the Winter Solstice”.

And if you’re interested, free patterns are available here. Just by clicking on the one you like will open a PDF of the pattern, along with instructions for making a quilt using it.