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InterviewStudio.comWith internet access everything has changed from where we watch our music to how we apply to jobs. Instead of mailing out resumes we use email, and now even interviews are conducted online. is another example of how we can use the internet to display our skills to employers. lets jobseekers create shows. Shows are a combination of components that will let you express yourself and summarize your talents and experiences in a personal and dynamic way. A show consists of four aspects; your resume, assessment results, endorsements, and video interview. You can upload your resume to your show so any employer or recruiter can take a look at it. Many jobs are asking for assessment tests to determine whether or not the individual is qualified for the job. The assessment test has three parts; ability, personal and motivation/interests. The results are displayed on the show. There is the endorsement section of the show which is basically your references, people you have worked with who can talk about your skills and personality. The most unique part of the show is the interview. You can choose from a library of interview questions. These questions are interesting and will keep your audiences attention. Once you have recorded your interview you can preview and edit it. Employers can browse through the shows it get an idea of which applicants would best suit their company and which ones should have a personal interview. is an efficient way to approach the job market it helps both job seeker and employer find what they are looking for. In Their Own Words

“InterviewStudio is the most comprehensive applicant screening tool on the market, offering an exciting new platform for executive hiring. InterviewStudio combines the newest online recruiting tools into one Web portal, including: candidate profiles, video interviews, online resumes, social networking profiles, professional assessment tests, business references, and data about the candidates from internet search engines.

In a few minutes’ time – much less than a first formal interview – EMPLOYERS and RECRUITERS can make a much higher quality “first interview” decision to pursue the candidate for employment or not.

AND in a few hours’ time, senior-level CANDIDATES can differentiate themselves by building a complete showcase of their total asset value and experience, send it off to any employer, recruiter, or job posting, and get “virtually” in front of the hiring manager directly.”

Why It Might Be A Killer has an attractive interface; it is very clean and has professional images. The logo for the site is very creative and suits the sites functions. The homepage features video product tours for employers and job seekers which is great because each tour highlights different features and aspects of the site that appeals to different parties. There are also sample shows (video interviews) that visitors can browse through. This gives visitors a good idea of how they can use the product. The site is also divided into three sections; one for job seekers, one for employers, and another for recruiters. Video interviews are becoming more and more popular so will be a popular and useful site.

Some Questions About could use more Web 2.0 features such as reviews of companies. There are sites in which the companies offering a job provide a video tour of the company and staff that is posted on the job description. This gives job seekers a better idea on whether or not they would be interested in a particular position or a particular company.

Author : Charly Zaks

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