– Your best choice for dating black or white woman or man

What do you think of a white man dating a black woman? Or a white woman dating a black man? Where is the black love?

I’ll be honest. When someone first told me about Interracial Friends (www. I thought it was an interesting but odd idea. Two people like each why allow these differences to get in the way? How much could you possibly say? You met a nice guy who was white, you hit it off, you got married, now you’re in happily ever after.

Needless to say as I visit (everytime I see the URL I crack up, it’s an interesting site though). The myths, for one thing. I never knew that so many black women didn’t think that white men saw them as attractive. I had heard the “white men just want black women for sex” thing, but I didn’t know that any appreciable number of black women wouldn’t even give a white guy a chance to show himself honorable. So many black men just want sex from black women too, but is seems that is not a consideration.

I was largely unaware of the “black women’s lot in life is to suffer” programming. I used to read Essence when I lived with my mom (her subscription) but alot of the messages slid right off of me due to the way I had been raised. Besides that I’m just too selfish to give and give and give (and give) and get nothing in return. I have neither the energy nor the inclination to “build-a-man”. If you don’t have your stuff together, motivation and vision for your life, I don’t see how I can give that to you. A woman can complement, encourage, and support a man. But he has to be a man first, she can’t raise him.

I’ve never seriously entertained the “dating/marrying anyone but a black man makes you a sell-out” notion. But apparently this has been a paralyzing fear for many women. It just goes on and on. There are issues artificially limiting the mate pool for black women.

So I hope Interracial Friends on. I’ll continue with my own perspective on things, although my blog ( is not exclusively about interracial marriage. Question for my readers out there (all of you, lol). Do you remember your first thought when you heard about interracial relationship site? How do you feel about them now? I’m interested in your views.

Now, go to and take a tour? Or if you’re aware of any other online interracial dating website please tell me details. I want to grow an extensive list that covers all the very popular ones and will add new sites when they become available. In fact, visitors to this site could suggest ideas for new interracial sites that entrepreneurs could consider the viability, and you never, invest in starting them up!

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