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InternShare.comThere is nothing worse than having a negative first work experience. When you are young you have a whole set of ideals, and these while be replaced by others in due time.

However, it is a completely different thing to have them quashed at once. A site like this one is there to ensure that something like that should not happen to anybody.

The website collects together both positive and negative feedback from interns who have worked at different companies. The objective is gathering together honest opinions, and letting everybody make the right decisions. As someone once told me when I was looking for my first job, it is not just “They” that will choose “You”; always remember that “You” have to pick “Them” as well.

All the featured information is available on the provide career center, and it is split in the following sections: “Reviews”, “Interview Notes”, “Jobs”, “Places” and “Advice”. These go by self-explanatory names, really, and as a whole they will take care of any discrepancy between what the company truly is and what it wants to show you.

Hopefully, this website will let you ensure that having a memorable time at your first job is something within reach. Just follow the link provided below in order to start analyzing the provided information. In Their Own Words

“Helping you find the right internship.”

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All the many students out there will relish having such a honest source of information.

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