– Like ChatRoulette For Groups

InternetCongaLine.comNobody would deny that ChatRoulette was last year’s big smash surprise, and the long line of clones that we have seen do nothing but underline the impact the random chat service had from the beginning. Of course, services that aim to steal its thunder keep on surfacing to this day, if only because ChatRoulette has some untapped potential that has begun manifesting itself now that the rush of mere imitators has subsided.

Now we have services that are starting to take the basic concept and add a flavor of their very own to it.

The site that is being reviewed right now falls squarely into that category, as it will let you chat with strangers much like ChatRouelette does, but with one twist that makes an effective difference: up to four people can take part of a single chat. Hence, calling the Internet Conga Line a group version of ChatRoulette is completely fitting. And the site is porn-free, too. If all you want to do is meet some new friends collectively this will do. In Their Own Words

“Help unite the Internet!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is an intelligent development of the concept that lies at the heat of ChatRoulette.

Some Questions About

Will the number of participants go even higher sometime soon?