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Interesting Movies BlogMovies, movies and more movies. That is what you think whenever somebody asks you what this blog is all about.

In fact, this blog belongs to Matt Zoller Seitz and can be defined as an interesting source of accurate information where you can find comments on any movie.

There are some appealing features you will greatly enjoy to use when you navigate through this blog, such as the “Labels” section where you will have the possibility to read different posts about Alfred Hitchcock, Akira Kurosawa and other famous directors.

The way you can search for information and recommendations about different movies is extremely easy, and might be one of the main reasons why this blog is being increasingly visited by many users on a daily basis. Many things could be said about this blog and the data you can find on it, but the best recommendation I can give you is to give it a visit at and learn more about it right now.

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