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Intelways.comAre you tired of having to enter several different search engines to find adequate information on what you are looking for? Intelways is a fast way to access hundreds of search engines from one page just entering your search terms once. Each search is performed separately and you can quickly switch search engines to compare the results.

Type in your search terms, then pick a category and it displays lot of different search engines to click on good for that category. You can change categories & get new groups of search engines & directories to try without having to input your terms again. In Their Own Words

“Intelways is a web search aggregator, a place for people to find almost anything on the internet in different formats, topics and media types, by retrieving results from multiple search engines and online information providers. From the biggest search engines to the most deep web databases, Intelways allows our users to easily find what they’re looking for.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is very useful for internet users so they don’t have to acces many web sites to find information. allows users to use several different search engines from only one website.