– A Social Site For Intellectuals

Intellitrest.comSimply put, Intellitrest is a social networking site that is aimed at those who pursue intellectual interests like painting, history, archaeology, poetry and astronomy.

In addition to all the usual social features that we have come to expect from a site of this nature, users are allowed to take part of Oxford style debates, and share their knowledge with everybody by penning and publishing articles, review and essays.

The debates in particular are very interesting for the mere fact that they include the people you want to contrast your opinions with and nobody else. There will be no visitor who was passing by who just popped in, blurted some off-topic remark and went away as he came.

And when it boils down to the reviews and essays that students write, these will actually be featured on Intel5, a brand-new kind of information portlet.

Note that not just anybody can join the site. Membership is restricted to students and alumni from universities and all academia. You will authenticate who you are when you sign up with your email address, or through Facebook Connect. In Their Own Words

“A place to pursue your intellectual interests.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a social network like no other – nowhere else can intellectuals interact with so much focus.

Some Questions About

Which languages are supported? Is that changing anytime soon?