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Insuremytrip.comAre you a frequent traveler? Planning your next family vacation? Tired of browsing different travel insurance companies to find the right policy? At InsureMyTrip it’s easy to compare and buy travel insurance for any type of journey. InsureMyTrip is a travel insurance comparison site, where you’ll find a selection of more than 100 travel insurance plans from leading companies such as AIG Travel Guard, American Express, RBC Travel Protection, On Call International, among others.

You’ll find a wide range of travel products – from package policies to flight accident policies, business package policies, travel medical policies, multi-trip medical policies, accidental death policies, etc. The best place to compare all the policies is from the quote page. To get a quote, just enter the trip cost per family member or a total trip cost combined, enter the medical limit for a medical quote, indicate your travel dates and state of residence, and enter an age for each traveler. You’ll find ratings for each insurance company. If you cannot make your mind, InsureMyTrip provides expert travel insurance advice by phone. You’ll also find a Travel Tips section that links you to helpful sites, travel publications and consular information. In Their Own Words

“Welcome to, the leading consumer-oriented online travel insurance aggregator worldwide. is a unique, one-stop resource designed to meet our customers’ comprehensive travel insurance needs in a private and secure environment. At you can analyze, compare, and purchase a wide-range of premier travel products — from multi-coverage package policies to specialized medical emergency and evacuation plans — from the top U.S. insurance providers. Our user-friendly site quickly provides you the best available rates, benefits and coverage options, and the confident knowledge that your trip investment and personal well-being is protected in the event of a cancellation or interruption.”

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As travel in the millennium becomes more complicated professional advice is a must have for today’s traveler. Travel insurance is a complicated product so people will probably value the possibility of talking to experts and getting advice on what program suit best their travel needs.

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How are the insurance companies rated? Why is someone not able to insure more than $1,500 for a domestic trip? How many other sites are offering travel insurance comparison services?