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InsurancePen.comI had never thought about it, but upon coming across this site I did. Whereas insurance is often in bought in groups, no one sells it in such a way on the Internet.

I mean, everybody already knows about these discounts on insurance that one is eligible for by being a member of this credit union or that trade association. And yet, resources for buying as a group online are conspicuous by their absence. That is why this site is quite appealing to begin with.

We could say that it leverages social-networking and community interactions in order to adapt to the needs of insurance buying groups on the World Wide Web. The user can create or join these insurance buying groups that follow his own aims, and each group has its own agents and carriers for processing each application as well as taking care of underwriting and pricing. In theory, every type of insurance is compatible with this model – auto and car insurance, business insurance, health insurance…

This service has some inherent limitations, of course. These stem from each State’s regulations, so make sure to check beforehand in order to know where you stand. If all is well, joining the site is as easy as joining any social network currently available. In Their Own Words

“Connect to Car Insurance, Business Insurance, School & Government and other Insurance Buying Groups here.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It covers a real need, and it does so in a way that is instantly approachable.

Some Questions About

In which States is this more easily applicable?