Snoop On Your Neighbors With InstMap

Today’s Killer Startup: InstMap


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Elevator Pitch:

InstMap is a map that lets you explore Instagram photos in any geographical region.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

I’m relatively new to Instagram, only really joining after I inherited my boyfriend’s iPhone 5s, but I’m so hooked now. Maybe it’s because I’m a digital nomad and Instagram is a great platform for connecting with other people who live on the road – and for sharing my life with my loved ones back home – or maybe it’s just because I like taking pretty pictures. (I’d wager it’s a bit of both.) Regardless, I’m all about Instagram these days.


InstMap is a fun new way to explore Instagram, especially if you’re a visually-oriented person and also a total snoop, like I am. The site pulls up the area around you, giving you the chance to spy on what your neighbors are doing. For example, I’m currently hanging out at my parent’s house in Burlington, Vermont, and InstMap pulled up pics of everything from the local pub to my neighbor’s cat to delicious desserts that someone is cooking. InstMap also lets you follow any of the people who post pics with them, making it a great way to expand your network.


You can also search for any other area, which is great for people like me who move around a lot. InstMap lets me peek in on all of the cities and neighborhoods I’ve lived in, giving me a blast of nostalgia and longing like whoa. I popped in on my old hood in Brooklyn, for example, and definitely got a feel for just how majorly gentrification has changed it over the past four years.


So if you’re into Instagram — or you’re just nosy — check out InstMap for a fun new way to use the app.



Check out what people are posting around you on @Instagram with @instmap!


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