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InstantPlex.comInstantPlex is here to assist all those who feel like watching a movie, but who just can’t seem able to make up their minds on what to actually watch. Well, this new service is all they need. It will let them browse the Netflix instant watch library, and get acquainted with these titles that are being watched there in real time. These can be visualized according to their genre and popularity. And links both to the Internet Movie Database and Rotten Tomatoes are provided, along with lists compiling the Top TV shows of all time and these movies that have been unjustly forgotten. All that can all be accessed on the homepage, where you also get to see a random title in a very detailed way, with movie posters and stills being on rotation.

Additionally, these movies that are ending soon are individualized in the section that goes by the relevant name, along with the ones that are going to premier in a matter of day

All in all, a site so comprehensive that it could never fail to whet anybody’s cinematic appetite. In Their Own Words

The most powerful way to browse the Netflix instant watch library.

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So many angles are covered that just anybody is bound to find something to watch here.

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