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Instantbull.comIf you like to manage your own stock portfolio or if you are a trader looking for a place to go to find out about the buzz surrounding any specific stock, Instantbull is for you. Instantbull has a simple search function that allows you to enter the name of a stock and then get results from an impressive array of message boards and blogs which you can read to make the most informed decision.

This site contains a real wealth of information for anyone looking at investing in stocks from all around the world. News feeds allow you to track up to the minute exactly what is happening in the world and also get up-to the-minute analyses. In Their Own Words

“ was launched in July, 2006 with the goal of offering investors the most time-saving interface. All-in-one stock message boards give investors the fastest access to all the most popular boards. Easily compare stock research from all the best free investor portals. Easily access and search the Web’s best stock market blogs and buzz. Our patent pending technology is a web first, and pushes the broadband internet experience to a whole new level.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

By putting this wealth of resources all in one place, Instantbull will appeal to both the experienced professional investor and the casual investor. The site is intuitive, fast, and incredibly useful.

Some Questions About

Will the site be able to keep pace with Yahoo and Google’s financial pages or will they be bought?