– Mozilla Based Multi-Client Chat

InstantBird.comInstantBird is a brand new Mozilla-based plug-in which acts as a multi-client chat program. Users can use the app to connect with other popular chat services such as MSN, ICQ, and AIM, without causing any disruption to any of their previous clients.

Based on Mozilla technologies and Pidgin, InstantBird is a fairly light download at around 13 megs, requiring100MB of free disk space for Windows user. The app is available for Mac and Linux as well, although it’s known to be twitchy operating with Ubuntu. Downloading InstantBird runs quickly with a highspeed internet connection, and connecting with all your frequented chat apps should be a breeze. Developers may write add-ons and attempt to compile it, if they choose. So far, InstantBird is still in its early stages, (Beta version .1) and it’s lacking many features, but given time, the project could develop with more modern integrations. In Their Own Words

“Instantbird is a multi-protocol Instant Messaging client. Using it, you can connect to all your different IM accounts.
It uses the Mozilla rendering engine to display IMs, and the Pidgin libpurple to connect to the different networks.
Instantbird is a free and open source software. So you are free to use, distribute and modify it.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Instantbird, at the moment, is simplistic, but rather functional for frequent IM users. Chatters will be able to hook up with all their favorite chat platforms without any trouble. Although it’s pretty bare right now, it has potential especially if they add voice and video, and Twitter integration?

Some Questions About

What other features are in the works? Twitter integration? Will they add Skype to the list?