Instant Messaging App GAM Asks A Great Question Everyone Has Missed

Some people really can’t take the hint. Busy means I can’t read your texts right now. Period. Sending yet another text every 15 seconds will accomplish nothing except make me question continuing our acquaintanceship (and perhaps put a random fistfight on my agenda thanks to mounting levels of hostility and frustration).


Smartphones have made communicating so fast and simple that we’ve come to expect both constant access to contacts and instant responses to our messages – which, if we ever had a break from looking at texts, we would realize is crazy. Basically, we now have the choice of obsessively checking the flashing/beeping screen or ignoring everyone in order to get anything done.


Or, we can turn to a tool like GAM Messenger to introduce sanity into our texting habits.


GAM landing


GAM (Got a minute?) is an instant messaging app that is considerate and quick. Rather than bombard your friends and colleagues with chatter when they have no time for you, GAM sends a brief text, prefaced with a “Got a minute?” message and your picture.


This courtesy gives the receiver a chance to prioritize communications. If he has no time for you, he can simply ignore you and the message will vanish. Without being rude, he’s made it clear that it’s a bad time.


If she’s unsure if she can help you, she can press and hold the screen to read your message, then decide if she can engage you now or needs to hold off until later.


GAM sample


If the answer is yes, your contact does indeed have a minute for you, then GAM ensures the conversation stays on point by limiting the exchange to a minute, as promised. When talk strays longer than 60 seconds, GAM sends massive electric shocks to both people.


OK, that doesn’t really happen.


What GAM does do, however, is insist that both parties focus on one message at a time and that they keep conversations short. The chat stays active for one minute, so it’s essential to get straight to the point. This arrangement is refreshingly brisk and avoids contributing to the endless strings of messages from multiple people that leech productivity out of our days. For time-sensitive communication, GAM is a polite and effective means to grab someone’s attention.


And, if you need to discuss something that takes longer than a minute, should you really be texting?


No judgment. If you’re eager for a more civil way to message though, one that allows you to cut down on distractions and prioritize interactions, set aside a minute to have a look at GAM Messenger at, or download the app from either the App Store or Google Play.


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