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“Each tool has its place. InstaCalc is great for pulling together a fast, shareable calculation or a quick chart. There´s no need to log in or email files – InstaCalc gets out of your way.

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You don´t need to register and everything´s in real-time, saving you plenty of time. The saving of all previous calculations also saves you time by not making you have to go back and check equations or get numbers again. Being able to add a calculator to your blog or website is a cool tool people will enjoy. Kalid Azad is an experienced programmer that is planning on bringing a bunch of new functions to the site and he has experience with making useful technology from working with Microsoft for three years.

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Will people go here for their calculator needs, or go to one of the many other sites that has a few more options available? The interface is a bit confusing at first, will people want to spend the time trying to figure out the site?