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Instead of a scrambled main page with random categories and popular posts, Instablogs displays like an online newspaper. Site visitors first are welcomed into the Reading Room where they can browse the news easily just like they would with an online newspaper with column titles such as geographical zones, day in pictures, business, entertainment, local news and more. The difference is that these blog posts make the news personal and more interesting to read. The information provided is up to the moment and relevant to all internet nomads. After the Reading Room, site visitors can head over to the Newsroom where they can post and read story ideas and leads. Those contributing to can “assign” themselves to any particular story that they fancy. In addition to these two pages, bloggers also have their own blog page and can take part in the Instablog community. In Their Own Words

“Bringing bloggers & readers closer”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The idea of reading the news from talented bloggers is fresh and exciting. Most news stories are boring and lack flavor, but the blogs on Instablog are varied and have a little more life to them. Also, unlike most online newspapers, site visitors are free to comment on all blogs and communicate with the writers.

Some Questions About

It is clear that all entries have to be news but what about on the personal blog? Do bloggers submit their story to the Reading Room separately? How can readers be sure that the information is completely factual?