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InspirationDatabase.comInspiration is not something that could be really summoned into being..

. or is it? This website certainly makes you stop and think about it. In essence, it is a hub where you can keep all those sites whose design you find highly inspirational. In that way, you can keep the best design ideas that you have come across on the internet in a single place, and you can easily refer to them when you are working on a project of your own and you have become stuck.

A site such as this one also makes for sharing your collection of favorite sites with fellow designers. In this way, you can discuss the latest trends among yourselves and see if you can “catch the sun in flight” as Dylan Thomas would say.

Furthermore, the site lets you request a client assemble a collection of sites that he would like his own (IE, the one you are commissioned to create) to take after. This turns the creation of any website into a far more unequivocal task, and it is certain to shorten post-production hours considerably. In Their Own Words

“Design with infinity of fresh ideas. Create an inspiration morgue for your projects.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Capturing the best of the web becomes a simpler task using such a tool, and so does comparing sites among themselves.

Some Questions About

How many sites can each inspiration morgue actually hold?