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Inploid.comInploid is a startup that hails from Turkey. It is clearly focused on the messaging field, as it enables the user (IE, you) to post his thoughts on the site so that others can comment on them, and conversations can be started among the participants/commenters.

Alternatively, if you don’t know what to say in order to start a memorable conversation yourself you can join in any recent conversations by leaving a comment of your own.

What good is all this for, exactly? I mean, don’t we have something like Twitter in order to have our each and every query addressed in real time by a community that is as wide and encompassing as it could be? That is far too true to be avoided, and a comparison must certainly be made. However, the one aspect telling this messaging system from Twitter is that you are not required to “follow” someone forever until you unfollow him to end the relationship. This site pitches you face to face with people from all over the world. They read what you have asked or commented, they make a contribution and that’s it. Again, I am not sure if people will go for something like this. And as much as I like to be positive, the truth remains a specialized forum plays the same role and it is a more reputable source of knowledge overall. In Their Own Words

“Talk with your thoughts!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

There is not such a thing as a single way to communicate, and this site makes it all too clear. Some people are bound to find it better than other messaging services, but I wonder if there will be enough users as to make it a profitable website.

Some Questions About

How widespread can something like this become?