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Keep Customer Data Absolutely Safe With InnoVault

The last thing any business wants is to be responsible for customer data being stolen. It should go without saying that if you’re going to collect data, then you should do your absolute best to safeguard private and sensitive information.


Honesty test: can you confidently say that you’re doing enough to keep customer information secure? If answering that question makes you feel uneasy even the slightest bit, then you’ll want to have a look at InnoVault.




InnoVault is “a developer toolkit engineered to provide data protection at the code level.” In just a few minutes time, you can ensure that your customers’ data will never be compromised. Security will be added to your code – from the beginning – so neither your business nor your customers will ever have the slightest reason to feel vulnerable.


Far too many businesses address security late in the game or not at all. By then, it’s complicated or expensive or both to implement adequate protection. InnoVault, on the other hand, simplifies security by tackling it from the get go. A few lines of code, a few tags for data, and you can cross security off your worry list. Consider customer data in the untouchable vault.


From first to final release, InnoVault delivers security with minimal effort. Encryption, key management, secure storage, and policy management are all delivered as a service through the InnoVault API.


It’s rare to hear Founder’s speak enthusiastically about working on data encryption. That’s because encrypting data well can be complicated. It’s just not in the purview of many Founders, or developers. And who needs more hassles?


InnoVault handles security quickly, effectively, and affordably. The company offersthree plans that can cover any size needs, from small projects up to enterprise solutions. A basic plan is free, protecting up to 2,000 records. The Pro plan, which secures as many as 20,000 records, runs $9.99 a month.


InnoVault is a bargain compared to the lost business and other troubles that can result  from a security breach. Encrypting at the source, from end to end – it’s convenient and smart. Even when it proves necessary to share data, you can trust that it’s safe to do so when Innovault is on the job.


InnoVault is a product by Tozny, an Oregon-based company focused on providing world-class security solutions. For more information about InnoVault or to sign up for an account, visit


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