– The Next Level of Podcasting

Innertoob.comIf you are a podcaster or blogger looking for a way to make your podcasting completely interactive and user friendly, then Innertoob is the service for you. Innertoob allows you to upload any mp3 or flash link and then create the most dynamic podcast possible.

Make real time comments directly on the screen and create easy to click on time posts, allowing people to click on the parts of the recording that you have commented on. People can respond to these comments in real time so that your file becomes a constantly changing resource where people can discuss things in real time. Users can also easily change the screen size and clicking from one time post to the next is simple. So if you are looking for a way that allows you to have a real time discussion on your podcast, then look no further. In Their Own Words

“ is a new web application to help podcasters and bloggers create interactive show notes and blog about media files on the web in a more timely way.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

By allowing people to make interactive comments directly within the video or audio file and have listeners respond in real time, Innertube has built a platform that should become an important part of the podcasting and blogging space.

Some Questions About

Are they considering an enterprise version that would allow corporate customers to use this as a webinar tool? The platform seems to be an ideal application in this space that could challenge some already well-established players.