– A Better Way To Collect Rent

Innercircuit.comInnercircuit is a company that provides an alternative to collecting rent in a more quick and practical way. In theory, the system (which is named “Green”) serves both property owners and residents as rent payments can be made anywhere that an Internet connection is available, whereas property owners can collect rent in an instant way.

Green works by sending property branded notifications to tenants prompting online payment, in the same way that eBills are sent by cellphone providers or utility companies. Some features include auto-rent reminders which are sent via e-mail to tenants, while late fees are automatically applied to late payments. As it could be expected, the system also makes for consolidated cash collection, bank statement and custom reporting.

It is also interesting to point out that the company has developed a community portal which is a sort of a 24-hour service for tenants and property management. This residential community portal comprises tools for improving landlord-tenant interaction such as a calendar of events along with a set of tools for community polling and related services. In Their Own Words

“Innercircuit, Inc. provides an innovative, dependable option for property owners and managers to collect rent more quickly and efficiently from residents.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Tools that make life easier by taking advantage of the Internet and its flexibility always prove to be very popular.

Some Questions About

How difficult is this application to use? How often is it updated?